Our Story

Hi! We are Jim and Gina Towson, the husband and wife duo behind Towson Collective. After meeting in college we loved learning how our unique strengths complimented each other and surprisingly found that we actually enjoyed working together. After years of shooting weddings together we discovered that we loved meeting new people and getting to know them but hated that after the wedding day we lost the connection. We loved telling your story and were sad to see it end. We are people people you see.


Although we still love to shoot weddings we have been gearing out work toward focusing more on small businesses. We want to take our story telling beyond one photo shoot. Jim, being the geek he is, loves anything tech and picked up website developing while Gina found she liked helping companies get their name out via blogs and social media. This is the web and marketing portion of Towson Collective.


The best part is that we loved learning how we worked together so much that we now like to help you find that out too. We are both certified Strengths Coaches through Gallup’s Strengths Finder. We have been working in strengths for over 5 years and love coaching individuals, couples and groups.


We hope that gives you a glimpse into our life. If you are craving to know more here are a few interesting facts we left out:
  • We have a daughter named Eleanor and she is already cooler than us
  • We have chickens and bees in our backyard
  • We live on St. Simons Island and think Island Time should be its own time zone
  • We love to travel for work or play
  • One day we want to sell our house for an RV
  • Board games are our favorite way to spend a Friday night